Thank you, Jim!

The managing committee of The Nautical Institute, Netherlands branch recently met to bid farewell to Jim Vink who is retiring from the Managing committee after 20 years, including 10 years as Chairman of The Nautical Institute, Netherlands branch. For the last years, and especially during the Covid pandemic, Jim was one of the driving forces to keep the Netherlands branch of NINL alive.

The Committee of The Nautical Institute Netherlands Branch

After a seagaoing career of 15 years with Holland America Lines, Jim came ashore to pursue a career as an instructor at Nautical college De Ruyter in Vlissingen. In 1993 he became University lecturer, Royal Netherlands Navy /Head of Full Mission Bridgesimulator at Den Helder. In this function he worked on Training and assessment with highend Full Mission Bridge Simulator, SAS-BRM workshopleader, Introduction of BRM within RNLN, Member of “Combined Research Navies”, Member of “Nato Working Group on Maneuvering Standards” and
Research on Colregs.

We are very grateful to Jim Vink for sharing his knowledge and expertise over the years, we will definitely be missing him at the committee meetings. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

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